Health insurance

There are essentially two types of health insurance plans: indemnity plans (fee-for-services) or managed care plans. The differences include the choice of providers, out-of-pocket costs for covered services and how bills are paid. There is no one “best” plan for everyone. Some plans are better than others for your or your family’s health care needs, but no one plan will pay for all the costs associated with your medical care.

Living Benefits

Life insurance is an important way to protect your loved ones. But for many families the need for protection is increasingly due to costs associated with the rising incidence of illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, cancer and other chronic and critical illnesses. More families are dealing with the unexpected costs that illnesses such as these place on them and their families. People need access to funds while they are alive to cover costs that their health insurance may not otherwise be available for.  Trendsetter® LB is a life insurance product that does just that—provides cash that you can use to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns. 

Tax Preparation

We offer high-level planning and consulting for businesses and executives and we also serve the tax planning and preparation needs of individuals. Our philosophy of maintaining close client relationships allows us to consistently focus on the details of each and every client's individual circumstances. We work hard to identify opportunities and then work with you to create tax savings plans to help you achieve both your immediate and future goals 


An annuity is a retirement savings product. You make contributions, and, after a specified amount of time, the annuity pays you a regular income stream.